Meyers Zoysia

Meyer ZoysiaConsidered a premier choice for many lawns, Meyers Zoysia is a flexible warm season turf grass utilized for many different applications. Meyers has become the most popular of the Zoysia grasses because of its consistent, medium texture and high tolerances for hot and cold conditions. This type of sod also carries a high resistance to disease. It is commonly a recommended choice for residential and commercial landscapes, golf courses, athletic fields and recreation areas.

A summary detailing the maintenance of our Meyers Zoysia sod:

Water Needs

  • Our Meyers Zoysia sod is extremely tolerant to drought conditions.
  • Regular watering will encourage the best growth.
  • To maintain the most attractive appearance of your Meyers Zoysia sod, apply one inch of water in a single application one time per week during hot or dry periods.
  • Meyers Zoysia can sometimes go semi dormant during a dry spell, but will green up when the rain returns.

Sun and Shade Needs

  • Meyers Zoysia will do best in full sun.
  • Meyers Zoysia does have a very good heat and cold tolerance.
  • Generally Meyers Zoysia is considered the best overall cold tolerance of any warm season turf grass.

Other Maintenance

  • Meyers Zoysia has a high quality appearance when it is kept mowed at a height of one to two inches. Mow regularly with a reel or rotary mower allowing the clippings to remain.
  • Sporadic or fluctuating mowing practices on this type of grass may result in a high buildup of thatch, which can often require mulching or removal.
  • Zoysia enters dormant stage in winter months.
  • Meyers Zoysia is generally resistant to weeds and can tolerate a high volume of traffic.
  • Proper maintenance of your Meyers Zoysia sod can help alleviate and even prevent weed problems. As is the case with most types, weed growth competes with turf grass growth.
  • Even with impeccable maintenance and the utmost in care, your sod may benefit from the application of herbicides to keep your lawn weed free.

A Missouri Turf representative will be able to guide you on the specific maintenance of your sod to achieve the look that you want in the conditions you have available. They are expert at helping you get the best sod for your needs. Contact us today!