Winning Colors Turf Type Fescue

Winning Colors Turf Type FescueOur Winning Colors Turf Type Fescue is a tall fescue grass that can provide green cover without the high maintenance of other sod types. This type of sod is an excellent choice for sandy soil conditions, commonly found throughout the Midwest. Winning Colors is a top blend for the area, giving a look similar to that of Bluegrass with lower maintenance. It is commonly used for residential and commercial landscapes, athletic fields, parks, recreational areas, and golf courses. This is the turf that we are using on most all high end golf courses and custom homes.

A summary detailing the maintenance of Winning Colors Turf Type Fescue sod:

Water Needs

  • Our Winning Colors Turf Type Fescue has medium to medium-high water requirements.
  • Once the sod is established, it will tolerate brief periods of drought without irrigation. However, it can go into summer dormancy when proper watering is not maintained.

Sun and Shade Needs

  • Winning Colors Turf Type Fescue will have very good performance in areas with up to 70% shade.
  • This type of sod does require at least 30% filtered or direct sunlight.
  • The blades will gradually thin out in areas of complete shade.
  • In general, this type of sod has good heat and cold tolerance.

Other Maintenance

  • With proper maintenance and good conditions, the Winning Colors Turf Type Fescue will maintain a vibrant green color year around in many areas.
  • This type is considered a cool season grass, which means it may show slower growth in summer months.
  • It has very good tolerance to high levels of traffic after the sod is established. It also recovers well from wear, especially in the cooler months.
  • This type of sod should be mowed regularly with a reel or rotary mower at two to three inches in height. In the summer months or in shaded conditions, a three inch cutting height is preferred.
  • Sporadic or fluctuating mowing practices on this type of grass may result in a high buildup of thatch, which can often require mulching or removal.
  • Proper maintenance of your Winning Colors Turf Type Fescue can help alleviate and even prevent weed problems. As is the case with most types, weed growth competes with turf grass growth.
  • Even with impeccable maintenance and the utmost in care, your sod may benefit from the application of herbicides to keep your lawn weed free.
  • Fungicide application is recommended during the muggy summer months in the St. Louis area.

A Missouri Turf representative will be able to guide you on the specific maintenance of your sod to achieve the look that you want in the conditions you have available. We are expert at helping you get the best sod for your needs. Contact us today!